Brandy K.M. Toelupe
Associate | Tilden McCoy + Dilweg LLP
2500 30th Street | Suite 207
Boulder, CO 80301
O: 303.323.1922 | F: 303.416.8707
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Brandy Toelupe, (Native Hawaiian), JD, represents tribal governments on federal acknowledgment, general counsel matters, administrative law, legislative advocacy at the federal level, formation of non-profit and for-profit entities, tribal governance, and the Indian Child Welfare Act. In particular, Brandy assists tribal governments in the development, drafting and implementation or ordinances that exercise the tribe’s sovereign authority in such areas as employment rights and practical counsel on labor and employment matters, helping them solve workplace problems and avoid employee claims and litigation. Brandy’s practice has also included intellectual property protection, such as trademarking and copyrighting.

During and after law school, before joining Tilden McCoy + Dilweg LLP, Brandy was a law clerk at the Native American Rights Fund, working on significant impact cases involving the Indian Child Welfare Act, tribal governance and federal acknowledgment. Brandy is a member of a number of legal associations, including the American Bar Association, Colorado Bar Association and the Native Hawaiian Bar Association. In 2012, Brandy was appointed as the Vice Chair of Electric Communications for the ABA SEER Native American Resource Committee, she was later appointed to serve as the Co-Chair for this committee, a position she continues to hold presently.